We are a multidisciplinary design studio that operates in Banyoles (Catalunya) since 2012. Born as a simple means of propagation of inspiring ideas. The dialogue between graphic design and product design discover new targets and become them to projects with the intention of defying what is conventional through imagination. The basis of our work is getting involved. Our satisfaction is being surprised with the result.

Quim Roqué
Born in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and titled as a product designer with extensive background in commercial space design, arts, materials and manufacturing processes. 
”I love to experiment and I think I’m a new explorer of the boundaries between art, craft and design.”

Anna Pigem
Born in Banyoles and titled as a graphic designer, digital media artist with an extensive background in graphic design and web design .
”I am constantly challenged to improve, raise the possibilities to obtain the best results and finishes.” 

Where we are
Local production in Pla de l'Estany. We feel very good working with our suppliers who are our neighbors. This proximity and human touch is essential and let us to optimize and get the best results.

Voilà 2012. Finalist with the product Rita.
Voilà 2012. Finalist with the project Cop de Pany.     
Delta 2013. Selection and finalist with the product Rita.     
Laus 2013. Bronze naming Quimana.